Sending trajectory to an actual robotic arm

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Hi, I have assembled a 3 DOF manipulator with 3 revolute joints controlled by 3 micro-servos. I have an Arduino board for controlling the servos. Further, I have created an URDF model of the robot and set up MoveIt path planning, where I can set desired goals and then visualize planned paths for my robot model in RviZ.

How do I now send the planned trajectory from MoveIt to my actual robot to actuate it? I have no idea how to do this or where to look at, so any help or guidance will be appreciated. I believe I have to send the trajectory to the Arduino which should then send required commands to the three servos. I am using ROS Kinetic.

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@medhijk have you Write the code for your Arduino ? In this processes Arduino is used with ROS Serial , you can check Arduino Tutorials .

lagankapoor gravatar image lagankapoor  ( 2018-04-17 05:21:05 -0500 )edit