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How to read wifi signal strength using ROS

asked 2012-02-22 22:03:49 -0500

anonymous user


HI all, I am a new user Of ROS I want to read wifi signal strength using ROS . I wana ask that -is there any package to read signal strength? -is some one one has done this before thaen plaese guide me what steps exactly i should follow? -any idea to proceed to accomplish this task.

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lucasw gravatar image lucasw  ( 2018-10-18 19:28:47 -0500 )edit

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answered 2012-02-22 23:57:29 -0500

Cav gravatar image

I'm not aware of any modules that do that already. I guess you would write a new node and parse the output from command line tools like iw.

You might want to follow and as well. ROS fuerte will have a "better" wifi support (Nick Armstrong-Crews: "We wrote a network monitor to keep track of network health (latency, throughput capacity, signal strength").

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