Auto-navigating and convoying

asked 2018-02-04 04:39:43 -0500

sisko gravatar image

I am a complete beginner to and taking a course on ROS.

Recently we were issued an assignment to create our own URDF robot and get it to auto-navigate around obstacles. For extra marks, spawn a second robot which should follow the first one.

I used the Pioneer robot package in implementing my solution by coping and adapting Pioneer code into my own package which got my robot responding to 2D nav goals and avoiding obstacles.

But, none of us were able to create a solution where two robots moved in a convoy. I guessed my first robot will publish it's poses and the second will subscribe to it and execute Twists based on the poses received.

My question is 2 fold, please.

  1. Is the strategy of coping and adapting code from one package into another the right approach or should I have been "calling" functionality from external and dependant packages from mine?
  2. How can I implement conveying robots? i:e a second robot following the first robots
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