WSG32 gripper with a robot

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Hey there, I am fairly new to ROS. I am trying to make the WSG32 gripper work in combination with a robot. The robot on its own works well in moveit and reality (motion planning, collision etc.).

Now I downloaded as a driver (compatible with WSG32). I fused the urdf files and renewed the moveit config. When I launch I can see the robot plus gripper but have many errors because of the controllers. I downloaded ros_control and ros_controllers. How can I use the gripper_action_controller for the WSG32?


  - name: ""
    action_ns: joint_trajectory_action
    type: FollowJointTrajectory
    default: true
    joints: [joint_s, joint_l, joint_e, joint_u, joint_r, joint_b, joint_t]

  - name: ""
    action_ns: gripper_action_controller
    type: PositionJointInterface
    default: true
    joints: [base_joint_gripper_left, base_joint_gripper_right]


controller_joint_names: ['joint_s', 'joint_l', 'joint_e', 'joint_u', 'joint_r', 'joint_b', 'joint_t','base_joint_gripper_right', 'base_joint_gripper_left']

when planning and executing in Moveit:

[ INFO] [1509975842.315348793]: Stereo is NOT SUPPORTED
[ INFO] [1509975842.315457325]: OpenGl version: 3 (GLSL 1.3).
[ERROR] [1509975842.357673061]: Unknown controller type: PositionJointInterface
[ INFO] [1509975842.357742133]: Returned 0 controllers in list
[ INFO] [1509975842.371964621]: Trajectory execution is managing controllers


[ERROR] [1509975852.081570148]: Unable to identify any set of controllers that can actuate the specified joints: [ joint_b joint_e joint_l joint_r joint_t joint_u ]
[ERROR] [1509975852.081595850]: Known controllers and their joints:
[ERROR] [1509975852.081625881]: Apparently trajectory initialization failed

one problem is that name is for both controllers "". But when I use rostopic list this returns:


no controller is found if I enter any name.

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Have you found a solution yet?

philwall3 gravatar image philwall3  ( 2017-12-21 04:32:37 -0600 )edit