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We have 2 pioneers 3-DX, both of them have grippers. Everything is same on these two robots. Both of them have on-board Computers with Linux operating system. The robot firmware is P2OS for both of them.

The problem is that the gripper of one of the robots does not work. The gripper is in the lower position and it is close. But its state does not change in respond to control commands.

One symptom is that when we turn the robot on, its gripper does not go to origin state. The other robot (with working gripper) has another behaviour, if gripper is open or is in lower position, it goes to origin after turning on the robot. The problem continue when we try to send control commands for gripper.

We checked the power voltage for gripper (yellow-black cable). It shows it has ~12 volts. The data cable is plugged in correctly.

I wonder if there is anything else that I should check at this level.

thank you in advance.

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This is not ROS releated. You need a Pioneer forum.

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