hokuyo UTM-30LX reports error code[00->70] while trying to run hokuyo_node

asked 2017-09-12 00:48:22 -0600

Mzou gravatar image

Dear community, I'm experiencing a weird behaviour of an Hokuyo UTM-30LX using hokuyo_node.The problem has began to appear yesterday after i plugged it to an new power supply, which i tested to be OK. Now the motor inside is not running. Here is the BUG REPORT:

[ERROR] [1505179518.564758030]: Laser returned abnormal status message, aborting: Trouble!! Error No. =[00->70] You may be able to find further information as http://www.ros.org/wiki/hokuyo_node/Troubleshooting/

I send "II" command via serial port at baudrate 115200, and it returned the same.

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