sicks300 on a raspberry pi

asked 2017-07-11 03:25:59 -0600

geervw gravatar image

I'm trying to get my Sick S300 Expert to work on a Raspberry Pi. So I got an RS422 to USB module off the internet and installed ROS and created a workspace with the sicks300 package. Everything was fine during install. But when I start the sick300_driver I get the following:
-"SerialCommS300: received zero bytes!"
-"SerialCommS300: more than one packet is buffered, measurements are potentialy stale!"
-"SerialCommS300: Warning: skipping 1 bytes, header not found"

Do I have to do certain settings in the sick-CDS software before I can work with this package? Or is the "expert" not compatible? Is my Raspberry Pi too slow to handle the data maybe?

(btw: I checked if the sick was sending continuous data by opening the ttyUSB0 in CuteCom: everything looked fine)

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