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[rospack] Error: package 'rviz' not found

asked 2017-03-29 05:22:44 -0600

RohitM gravatar image

I've been using ROS for a couple of years and Rviz has been working satisfactorily till now. I'm not sure what I've done but I'm getting the error mentioned in the question ( [rospack] Error: package 'rviz' not found ) while executing the following statements:

rosrun rviz rviz 
rospack find rviz

Yes, I have sourced the required directories, this is the output to echo $ROS_PACKAGE_PATH


ps. My original error was that one of my launch files which runs the rviz node was giving the following error:

ERROR: cannot launch node of type [rviz/rviz]: rviz
ROS path [0]=/opt/ros/indigo/share/ros
ROS path [1]=/home/rohit/glocal/src
ROS path [2]=/opt/ros/indigo/share
ROS path [3]=/opt/ros/indigo/stacks

This made me suspect that my rviz package wasn't being found which is the primary error according to me. Any help will be much appreciated.

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Your observation is right IMO. Next question might be; is there RViz on your computer?

130s gravatar image 130s  ( 2017-03-29 05:53:24 -0600 )edit

I would think that it should be there cause I've been using it till yesterday. Any way that I can check if it's there?

RohitM gravatar image RohitM  ( 2017-03-29 14:27:07 -0600 )edit

Thanks mate, you were right. Somehow my RViz got deleted. So I just installed it again from apt.

RohitM gravatar image RohitM  ( 2017-03-30 06:07:20 -0600 )edit

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answered 2017-03-29 14:47:43 -0600

130s gravatar image

updated 2017-03-29 14:48:15 -0600

I'd run these commands.

apt-cache policy ros-kinetic-rviz
rospack find rviz
cd %YOUR_CATKIN_WS%/src && find . -iname rviz
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this did not solve my issue apt-cache policy ros-kinetic-rviz: Installed: (none) Candidate: 1.14.1-1focal.20200826.191801 Version table: 1.14.1-1focal.20200826.191801 500 500 focal/main amd64 Packages rospack find rviz: [rospack] Error: package 'rviz' not found

$ cd %YOUR_CATKIN_WS%/src && find . -iname rviz -bash: cd: %YOUR_CATKIN_WS%/src: No such file or directory

nullspace gravatar image nullspace  ( 2020-09-02 08:52:30 -0600 )edit

@nullspace Please consider opening a new question (and link to it from here). Comment section is not meant to open a new question :)

130s gravatar image 130s  ( 2020-09-04 09:11:16 -0600 )edit

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