Creating industrial robot packages for mitsubishi pa10 robot

asked 2017-03-15 13:43:48 -0600

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Hi everyone!

First of all I am new with ROS environment, however I am trying for my final master project to create the ros packages and comunicate with ROS the pa10 mitsubishi robot which was quite used in universities.

I have already completed the main tutorials from the ros industrial tutorials page and you can find my files here ( )

I have already created my urdf files, my moveit_config, and srdf files for gazebo. Now I am trying to implement the tutorial to create the moveit_planning_execution.launch ( ) file and I have found this error:

MoveItSimpleControllerManager: Action client not connected: pa10_controller/joint_trajectory_action.

I have been searching information and it seems that the industrial_robot_simulator with the industrial_robot_client joint_trajectory_action node should bring this action client however it is not doing it. I have looked at the code of the joint_trajectory_action and it does not have a main itself, should I create it? should I create the controllers also? and the transmissions in the gazebo files for simulation?

How can I proceed, If anyone could give me some advices I would really appreciate it. Thanks everyone.

PD: these files, I am creating them to follow the ROS-I tutorials, however my main purpose is to connect the actual server of the real controller ( which is written in C++ ) to ROS.

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