openrave ik fast generation [closed]

asked 2016-01-30 16:04:21 -0500

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Hi guys

Is here anyone willing to generate Openrave ik-fast solution for two arm manipulators. I would be really grateful if anyone can help me. I have big troubles with generating it myself and running openarave. I can send dae files if anyone could help.

Thank you.

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I have done it previously, but, for an industrial robot, what kind of troubles do you have? If I can help you I will.

Fredylucas gravatar image Fredylucas  ( 2016-02-01 12:23:25 -0500 )edit

Thank you for your answer I already generated IK I found a solution yeasterday forget to update my status.

Chickenman gravatar image Chickenman  ( 2016-02-02 07:26:16 -0500 )edit