how to control a 6 dof manipulator to write words on a wall through moveit simulation

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my boss ask me to do as title says, just simulation, not for real hardware.

could u give me some detailed instructions?

Which 6-dof manipulator available is the best for beginner?

Learn a bit about moveit, but not about ros-industrial.

My personal thought is that:

1, Find a 6-dof manipulator urdf with related packages

2, write a script:
a) add a wall in the scene b) call the function required: define the end points which constructs the words, for example, HAUKB c) define obstacle avoidance

3, "show trail" of end link checked in moveit

then the manipulator can "write" words on the wall

There must be lots of mistakes and lack tons of necessary details in my conception above. Something like sensor? Control? Hope someone could offer help, any clear resources would be appreciated! Thanks.


I found it is said that UNIVERSAL ROBOT package is associated with ros-industrial, so is it difficult for me to handle? Because I know nothing about ros-industrial

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Why do you want to use a 6dof arm if you have a 2d (at most 3d) problem? ros-industral is a subset of ROS. Think of it as a tag for well maintained ROS-packages.

NEngelhard gravatar image NEngelhard  ( 2017-03-15 04:26:31 -0500 )edit