Moveit stop gripper close on contact with object

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Hello! I am simulating a robotic arm in Gazebo using Moveit! I am able to control my planning groups and get my arm and gripper close to the object in Python. My issue is with closing the gripper on the object. Since ROS does not have knowledge of the object, it proceeds to close the gripper fully, and thus, in my simulation, grasping is not successful, and the object flies away, due to the gripper constantly closing. Is there a good way to approach this, to stop the gripper closing on contact?

I did look up the tutorials on Moveit for PickPlace and Grasps, however, they hardcode the collision objects. Currently, I do not such flexibility. How would I go about this issue?

One solution I could think of, is to publish Contact messages for the gripper jaws through Gazebo (Using the contact plugin, I am able to do this), and once a contact has been made, instruct moveit to stop execution. Is this a good way to approach it? If it is, how can I asynchronously tell the moveit commander to stop the grasp for the jaw?

Another solution I could think of, was to have some physical constraints in the gripper jaw such that moveit closing will fail and stop automatically at some point. But I'm not sure how this would work, or what I must do


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