How to connect RX-24 F dynamixel servo with PC with simple USB-RS-485 converter? [closed]

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Hi, I have purchased a RX-24F dynamixel servo. I have USB-RS485 converter with me and I did not purchase USB2Dynamixel adapter. I got to manage to power up the servo from a regulated supply. The red LED glowed for a moment and then turned off. I used other dynamixel port for connecting with PC. GND->GND TX+(RS-485)->D+(PIN3 of Dynamixel) TX-(RS-485)->D-(PIN4 of Dynamixel) Then I opened Dynamixel wizard and as provided in , I searched for servo. But it was not found. Can anybody help me to identify the problem? thanks,

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This looks like a basic problem with Dynamixels and how to connect them. Not ROS related.

I'd advise you to post this to either a ROBOTIS support forum or something like the robotics SO site.

To keep ROS Answers on topic, I'm going to close this one.

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