can't locate node [quadrotor_teleop] in package [hector_quadrotor_teleop]

asked 2017-01-10 00:50:11 -0500

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I'm following the instructions for installation of hector quadrotor indoor slam demo from here (I've also mentioned them below):

mkdir ~/hector_quadrotor_tutorial
cd ~/hector_quadrotor_tutorial
wstool init src
source devel/setup.bash
roslaunch hector_quadrotor_demo indoor_slam_gazebo.launch
roslaunch hector_quadrotor_teleop xbox_controller.launch

But I get the below error after running the last line

ERROR: cannot launch node of type [hector_quadrotor_teleop/quadrotor_teleop]: can't locate node [quadrotor_teleop] in package [hector_quadrotor_teleop]

How do I fix this error.

here is the full content which was returned

roslaunch hector_quadrotor_teleop logitech_gamepad.launch 
... logging to /home/kaustubh/.ros/log/597b2b4e-d72e-11e6-b589-2c337a6d298b/roslaunch-kaustubh-ThinkPad-E550-13036.log
Checking log directory for disk usage. This may take awhile.
Press Ctrl-C to interrupt
Done checking log file disk usage. Usage is <1GB.

started roslaunch server http://kaustubh-ThinkPad-E550:33402/


 * /joy/dev: /dev/input/js0
 * /quadrotor_teleop/control_mode: twist
 * /quadrotor_teleop/slow_button: 6
 * /quadrotor_teleop/x_axis: 4
 * /quadrotor_teleop/x_velocity_max: 5
 * /quadrotor_teleop/y_axis: 3
 * /quadrotor_teleop/y_velocity_max: 5

 * /quadrotor_teleop/yaw_axis: 1
 * /quadrotor_teleop/z_axis: 2
 * /quadrotor_teleop/z_velocity_max: 2
 * /rosdistro: kinetic
 * /rosversion: 1.12.6

    joy (joy/joy_node)
    quadrotor_teleop (hector_quadrotor_teleop/quadrotor_teleop)

auto-starting new master

process[master]: started with pid [13047]

setting /run_id to 597b2b4e-d72e-11e6-b589-2c337a6d298b
process[rosout-1]: started with pid [13062]
started core service [/rosout]
process[joy-2]: started with pid [13072]
ERROR: cannot launch node of type [hector_quadrotor_teleop/quadrotor_teleop]: can't locate node [quadrotor_teleop] in package [hector_quadrotor_teleop]
[ INFO] [1484050475.703942803]: Opened joystick: /dev/input/js0. deadzone_: 0.050000.
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