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usb_cam and image_view keeps giving "videre INI" error

asked 2016-08-15 14:13:19 -0600

rosjade gravatar image

I'm using usb_cam and image_view packages to capture images from a usb camera. However, after I launch the nodes, the image_saver node in image_view package keeps giving me the same errors:

Videre INI format can only save calibrations using the plumb distortion model. Use the YAML format instead.

I did some research, and guess that it is complaining that I did not supply a calibration yaml file when launching the node.

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answered 2016-08-15 15:11:45 -0600

ghkraju gravatar image

Just a try out, can you check the package.xml in camera_calibration_parsers? Is the build and run dependent are "yaml-cpp". if not, try changing it to "yaml-cpp" as follows It might help. (I am using ros-kinetic)



For Navigating to "camera_calibration_parsers" type the following command:

rospack camera_calibration_parsers

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