Multi imu with TF in RVIZ

asked 2016-06-10 04:21:10 -0600

kinting gravatar image

I want to implement human upper arm motion capture with multi IMU, I was successfully implement one with the help of IMU Plugin in RVIZ and now I am thinking of 2. I found that the location of the first IMU won't change and I think it because I set its frame to be world and the second IMU's location should be change by time cause it is bound to the upper arm. I have 2 problems, 1st is that I go through the tutorials but I still face some problems because I read data in a function and it runs loop based on the sampling time so I am thinking of it like publishing nodes which I put tf::TransformBroadcaster sensor2pose_br; tf::Transform sensor2pose_trans; in the very beginning but when I compile it it shows that ROS should be initialize first and then I try to put it inside of the function, it works but this time I am not able to send IMU1's message to the topic. What should I do and a small example will be of a lot help. 2nd Problem is that I need to set TF for IMU2, TF needs location and rotation, the rotation I can get from IMU1 and IMU2'S quaternion but the location is a problem. I assum the distance is always the same since they are bounded to the same human's arm, then how can I get the location from this distance and the rotation angle( quaternion or yaw,pitch,roll) Thanks a lot if you can help.

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