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creating and building new package like hector_slam

asked 2016-05-13 05:56:21 -0500

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I need to modify hector-slam (odom_frame and base_frame) for my situation which is i dont have a robot system i only have lms100 laser scanner. so i know i should create a new package includes hector_slam and modify inside.

I looked and tried before: the create/build a package tutorials. But now i'm a bit confused when it comes to create a new hector_slam package. It includes so many dependencies, different folders like hector_slam_launch, hector_mapping.

should i follow the create/build package tutorials one by one? in catkin_ws when create a package, the name of it should be the same with hector_slam or not?

and when i run catkin_create_pkg command, should i write 12 dependencies after that command (which i looked dependecies in )

what is the proper way to follow? or is there another (much easier) way to do that? Like can i use roscp command for copying the files in a new folder and modify them?

Sorry I have a lot of questions in my mind, i hope i can explain myself properly

Thanks, Basak

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You most likely don't need to modify the source code. You just need to configure/parametrize hector_slam and possibly run a static_transform_publisher. Look into it and let me know if you get stuck. (I have to run so I can't go into details right now, sorry.)

spmaniato gravatar image spmaniato  ( 2016-05-13 07:21:53 -0500 )edit

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answered 2016-06-03 00:35:07 -0500

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You dont need to modify entire package and rebuild it, just modifying the launch files and setting proper parameters will do. Have a look at this project hector_slam_example

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