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OMPL MoveIt! error

asked 2016-05-04 10:58:05 -0500

rohin gravatar image

updated 2022-02-22 11:25:23 -0500

lucasw gravatar image

I'm running : 1. ROS Indigo 2. Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty

When I do :

roslaunch seven_dof_arm_config demo.launch

I get :

[ERROR] [1462376084.372581803]: Exception while loading planner 'ompl_interface/OMPLPlanner': Failed to load library /opt/ros/indigo/lib/ Make sure that you are calling the PLUGINLIB_EXPORT_CLASS macro in the library code, and that names are consistent between this macro and your XML. Error string: Could not load library (Poco exception = cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory) Available plugins: ompl_interface/OMPLPlanner


[ WARN] [1462376084.730769436]: MoveGroup running was unable to load ompl_interface/OMPLPlanner

The last plugin line mentions an ompl_interface. But my search told me that such an interface does not exist for the Indigo distro. I'm trying to run some motion planning tasks on MoveIt! for a serial linkage arm. I had installed MoveIt! using:

sudo apt_get install ros-indigo-moveit-full

I'm new to ROS and have been unable to fix this error. Will really appreciate if somebody can make me understand what is wrong and what can I do to learn and rectify it?

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Same here, everything seems to be fine with, it links to a valid library.

What is strange is that path planning works...

VictorLamoine gravatar image VictorLamoine  ( 2016-09-21 05:54:24 -0500 )edit

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answered 2016-09-21 06:01:02 -0500

VictorLamoine gravatar image

There can be multiple causes to this problem; most likely you used catkin_make / catkin build to build a package and realized your installation was missing MoveIt so you installed it.

The problem is that CMake already configured the project and building againt won't solve the problem.

What you need to do is remove the build and devel directories of your workspace and configure/build again your project after the installation of MoveIt components.

If you are using ccache I would also consider clearing the cache before building the project again.

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