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Image from Raspberry Pi 2, with indigo in Raspbian Jessie

asked 2016-04-13 12:57:19 -0500

jncjaen gravatar image

updated 2016-04-13 15:20:55 -0500

Hi everyone:

I created two image from Raspberry Pi 2, with indigo in Raspbian Jessie. They are prepared to work with them and have sample code in the workspace ~/catking_ws.

  • Jessie Ros Base: This image have a basic installation, as explained intallation UbuntuARM the link of download this link and the SH1 - 81f853255c45e82b4cb2a653cfcdcc26d0a5cf7a. You need to install a SD > 7.5 Gb.

  • Jessie ROS Desktop: This image have the next tools list: actionlib_tutorials, angles, bond, bondcpp, bondpy, catkin, class_loader, cmake_modules, collada_parser, control_msgs, cpp_common, cv_bridge, diagnostic_aggregator, diagnostic_analysis, diagnostic_common_diagnostics, diagnostic_msgs, diagnostic_updater, dynamic_reconfigure, eigen_conversions, eigen_stl_containers, filters, gencpp, genlisp, genmsg, genpy, geometric_shapes, geometry_msgs, image_geometry, image_transport, interactive_marker_tutorials, interactive_markers, joint_state_publisher, kdl_conversions, laser_geometry, map_msgs, media_export, message_filters, message_generation, message_runtime, mk, nav_msgs, nodelet, nodelet_topic_tools, nodelet_tutorial_math, octomap, orocos_kdl, pluginlib, pluginlib_tutorials, python_orocos_kdl, python_qt_binding, qt_dotgraph, qt_gui, qt_gui_cpp, qt_gui_py_common, random_numbers, resource_retriever, rosbag, rosbag_migration_rule, rosbag_storage, rosbash, rosboost_cfg, rosbuild, rosclean, rosconsole, rosconsole_bridge, roscpp, roscpp_serialization, roscpp_traits, roscpp_tutorials, roscreate, rosgraph, rosgraph_msgs, roslang, roslaunch, roslib, roslint, roslz4, rosmake, rosmaster, rosmsg, rosnode, rosout, rospack, rosparam, rospy, rospy_tutorials, rosservice, rostest, rostime, rostopic, rosunit, roswtf, rqt_action, rqt_bag, rqt_bag_plugins, rqt_console, rqt_dep, rqt_graph, rqt_gui, rqt_gui_cpp, rqt_gui_py, rqt_image_view, rqt_launch, rqt_logger_level, rqt_moveit, rqt_msg, rqt_nav_view, rqt_plot, rqt_pose_view, rqt_publisher, rqt_py_common, rqt_py_console, rqt_reconfigure, rqt_robot_dashboard, rqt_robot_monitor, rqt_robot_steering, rqt_runtime_monitor, rqt_service_caller, rqt_shell, rqt_srv, rqt_tf_tree, rqt_top, rqt_topic, rqt_web, self_test, sensor_msgs, shape_msgs, shape_tools, smach, smach_msgs, smach_ros, smclib, std_msgs, std_srvs, stereo_msgs, tf, tf2, tf2_msgs, tf2_py, tf2_ros, tf_conversions, topic_tools, trajectory_msgs, turtle_actionlib, turtle_tf, turtle_tf2, turtlesim, urdf_parser_plugin, visualization_msgs, xmlrpcpp. The link of download this link and the SH1 - 019f643222ec00c2642208aef32411678096f8e9. You need to install a SD > 8 Gb.

To write the image:

I hope you help in your future projects.

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I am using your image(Thanks for uploadinng :-)).when I try launching roscore , the process rosout keeps dying and respawning. could you help me fix this?


Aswath gravatar image Aswath  ( 2016-07-25 13:13:15 -0500 )edit

hey, I am trying to ssh, but the default password doesn't work, can you tell me what is the password?

Fua gravatar image Fua  ( 2016-10-03 10:49:23 -0500 )edit

Hi everyone. The first question: I think is in the code. I need more information. The second question: I remember is user "pi" and the password "raspberry". *Not use the "

I hope help you ;)

jncjaen gravatar image jncjaen  ( 2016-10-03 11:23:31 -0500 )edit

Unless can use ssh, you could change in raspberry pi menu configuration:

sudo raspi-config
jncjaen gravatar image jncjaen  ( 2016-10-03 11:30:39 -0500 )edit

The download link you provide requires installing a browser extension. Moreover my download canceled as I exeeded my daily "free download quota". Thank you for your efforts but I consider this type of download platform a major nono!

Florian_W gravatar image Florian_W  ( 2016-10-26 08:02:04 -0500 )edit

2 Answers

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answered 2016-05-22 23:59:15 -0500

neomatrix gravatar image

thanks so much! works perfect on my raspberry pi 2. this has saved me a lot of effort. i've since installed openni drivers which works very well too!

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I hope they help more people. Thanks for your comment. if it helps for more personaes please comment. Thanks :)

jncjaen gravatar image jncjaen  ( 2016-05-27 20:26:34 -0500 )edit

i'm helping to spread this link to everyone who has problems installing ros. i used to face a lot of problems esp with ram issues when compiling etc and wasted days on it. your image took me an hour to download and 5 mins to flash onto the sd card. thanks again! =)

neomatrix gravatar image neomatrix  ( 2016-05-27 20:50:35 -0500 )edit

answered 2016-12-05 07:28:09 -0500

burf2000 gravatar image

How do I download this as the site says I have to sign up to download it?

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