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3D pointcloud to 2d costmap layer projection github repo

asked 2016-04-10 21:15:41 -0500

AReimann gravatar image

updated 2016-04-10 21:16:06 -0500

I remember stumbling upon a Github repository which had a costmap layer which basically projects a 3d pointcloud or 3d sensor data (don't quite remember) down to a 2d plane / costmap layer.

I can't find it even anymore (been looking for 30 mins now ._.).

Anybody knows the name of the repo or could give me a link?

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1 Answer

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answered 2016-04-19 06:37:06 -0500

Procópio gravatar image

here is an example:

    - name: pc_layer
    type: 'costmap_2d::ObstacleLayer'

    enabled: true
    observation_sources: rgbd_cloud
    combination_method: 1 

      sensor_frame: base_footprint
      data_type: PointCloud2
      topic: cloud 
      expected_update_rate: 1.0
      observation_persistence: 0.0
      marking: true
      clearing: true
      raytrace_range: 4.0
      obstacle_range: 2.5
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Yeah found it myself. I was really wondering why I thought the normal obstacle layer does not do that ~_~

AReimann gravatar image AReimann  ( 2016-04-25 19:58:42 -0500 )edit

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