Add or remove obstacles in global_map

asked 2014-12-24 20:26:35 -0500

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updated 2014-12-25 04:55:16 -0500

Hi everyone,

I have a TurtleBot,it's working fine with gmapping and navigation. Now,I want to add an obstacle in the global_map anywhere I want to so that the global_planner can avoid it when the robot navigtes. Some times,I also need to remove the obstacle from the global map.

Can I achieve this goal by creating a new costmap layer? I am a novice and using Hydro with ubuntu 12.04. Could you give me some tips? thank you in advance!

ps: Merry Christmas :)

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i believe you are on the right track with the new costmap layer. Just use the costmap layer plugin and you should be able to achieve what you want

l0g1x gravatar image l0g1x  ( 2014-12-25 03:20:17 -0500 )edit

Ok, i will have a try. Thanks!

Yijia gravatar image Yijia  ( 2014-12-25 05:18:11 -0500 )edit

When do you want to add obstacles to the global map? While its running? Before runtime?

David Lu gravatar image David Lu  ( 2014-12-25 20:11:54 -0500 )edit

@David Lu Anytime I want to. Most of the time is during the robot running. in other words, the obstacles is moving in the global map when the robot navigateing.

Yijia gravatar image Yijia  ( 2014-12-25 20:20:06 -0500 )edit

That is a non-trivial problem. Creating a custom layer is the way to go, but you'll need a way to input arbitrary data.

David Lu gravatar image David Lu  ( 2014-12-26 10:37:28 -0500 )edit

Thanks for suggestions @David Lu.

Yijia gravatar image Yijia  ( 2014-12-27 01:17:31 -0500 )edit