[Can/How do] I run stage_ros in headless mode faster than real-time?

asked 2016-04-06 23:29:21 -0600

amlalejini gravatar image

According to the Stage documentation, I should be able to make Stage run faster (or slower or the same) than real-time by changing the ratio of the real and simulated time. This can be accomplished through the GUI by pressing ']'.

In the Stage documentation I've read thus far, I've seen two ways to do this:

  1. -u and -v command line options
  2. the interval_real and interval_sim variables in the .world file

I've attempted (perhaps incorrectly) to have stage_ros run faster than real-time using both of the above methods to no success. Method #1 through the 'args' attribute of my stageros node in my launch file. Method #2 from the .world file.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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