turtlebot 1 not working with keyboard_teleop.

asked 2016-02-23 05:42:50 -0500

mrobo gravatar image

I have just started working on Turtlebot1. I wanted to use keyboard_teleop for moving turtlebot. I am using iRobot create base for this purpose (Kinect is not added). After executing command roslaunch turtlebot_bringup minimal.launch, i get an error as-

[WARN] [WallTime: 1456226724.415139] Create : robot not connected yet, sci not available

and the turtlebot turns OFF. I turn ON turtlebot and execute command roslaunch turtlebot_teleop keyboard_teleop.launch. After this command, i get an error as-

[WARN] [WallTime: 1456227470.487644] Failed to read sensor package. 5 retries left. [WARN] [WallTime: 1456227485.445873] Could not load a calibration file for this turtlebot, it is recommended to run turtlebot_calibration to generate a new file. [WARN] [WallTime: 1456227485.446356] Search paths: FTF8TAG204036001.yaml , /home/rekha/.ros/turtlebot_create/FTF8TAG204036001.yaml , /opt/ros/indigo/share/create_node/FTF8TAG204036001.yaml

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