A problem of control with Brown Driver? [closed]

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I am trying to run Simulator_Gazebo, turtlebot tele-operation along with Brown_Driver. the terminal command was as bellow.

roslaunch turtlebot_gazebo turtlebot_empty_world.launch 
roslaunch turtlebot_teleop keyboard_teleop.launch
rosrun irobot_create_2_1 driver.py

the teleop message is subscribed by both turtlebot_empty_world and driver.py node however the problem is the brown driver receives teleop message once after pressing the key and keep on publishing it to control the Irobot create motion even if the key is left. Where on other hand Simulator_gazebo stops the turtlebot the moment you leave the key and no movement before you press the key again.

I want that the turtlebot motion should get resemble in gazebo same as turtlebot motion using brown driver. Please suggest me what to do?

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hi there, can you help me run irobot using this irobot_create_2_1 library i publish commands to create node rqt_graph shows its happening, but neither robot moves not responds to service calls

Nouman Tahir gravatar image Nouman Tahir  ( 2014-11-01 14:27:34 -0600 )edit

tryin to connect irobot using bam bluetooth module, but it returns "bad data" and "OSError: [Errno 11] Resource temporarily unavailable" on driver.py....plz help

Nouman Tahir gravatar image Nouman Tahir  ( 2014-11-05 07:42:56 -0600 )edit