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SMACH: How to stop an action currently run by the ActionServerWrapper?

asked 2016-02-14 17:03:16 -0600

jorge gravatar image

This question follows this old one. As @bit-pirate, I have my SM running inside an action server wrapper. Following @jbohren explanatios, my SM receives the Ctrl+C properly and stops. So all is fine if my SM wrapper action server is not executing a goal. But when it is, its internal thread(s) keeps running and the SM node always escalates to SIGTERM, then SIGKILL on ROS shutdown. The SM is waiting for a SimpleActionState to complete, but as I'm amidst a ROS shutdown, that never happens

I have tried all tricks i can think about...

  • request_preempt to the SM
  • call _action_server.set_aborted
  • send the action server wrapper a goal that should stop intermediately
  • ...

And all fails. So I must be missing an important point

Here is the code in question

Any clues?

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1 Answer

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answered 2016-04-07 03:48:16 -0600

ski11io gravatar image

updated 2016-04-07 04:34:05 -0600

I think it is not a problem of your statemachine but of the states that are not preempting correctly. I currently have a similar issue when executing MoveIt states but have not had the time to investigate deeper.

I found sending a new goal via axclient to the statemachine is a good way to debug this behaviour.

Hopefully i will soon have time to take a closer look at the problem, if i find a solution i'll let you know :)


i just took a quick look at an actionserver that moves another part of our robot (not MoveIt!) which reacts correctly when an abort is requested or a new goal is sent.

Below is a code snipped of the inside part execution. This corresponds to my current thoughts that if there is no frequent check whether a preempt or abort signal was sent the active goal execution will not be stopped...

while(((position - goal->finalPosition) >= 0.001 || (position - goal->finalPosition) <= -0.001) && timeout > 0)
                // check that preempt has not been requested by the client
                if (as_LinearGuideMove.isPreemptRequested() || !ros::ok())
                    ROS_INFO("%s: Preempted", action_name_LinearGuideMove.c_str());
                    // set the action state to preempted
                    success = false;
                    #ifndef __SIM__
                    m_CanCtrlPltf->setVelGearMpS(m_CanCtrlPltf->CANNODE_LINEARGUIDEMOTOR, 0);
                    ROS_INFO("%s: Aborted by operator", action_name_LinearGuideMove.c_str());
                    success = false;
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