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Hello !

We are a team of 5 people

Our goal is to build a system to obtain a 3D mapping of an interior space. This system will be controlled by the OS ROS robotics, allowing us to obtain a modular and easily implementable solution on another robot. We want our solution to make the detection of its space by standing still. The idea is to determine the physical dimensions of a fixed space. The accuracy of our results depend on how many steps our system will take in this space. The more measurements we will do, the more calculations will take time. The number of measurement is limited by the pitch angle of our pole motor as well as our booster. We must therefore choose the hardware components that we will provide satisfactory precision compared to the space that we want to map. Our solution will form a fixed structure resembling a small turret capable of directing the laser in a three dimensional space. It must be stable, to avoid disruptions caused by measures the movements of the motor. We will do it as small as possible so that it is easily implementable on another system.

We use this material: 23HS41-1804S Motor, Motor step-by-step bipolar Nema size 23, the actuator rotates 180 degrees, the RB-Hit-87 HS-485HB, voltage regulator Step-Down D15V70F5S3 a RaspberryPi, and LIDAR.

If you have any comments on how we do or suggestions, everything is welcome :-)

Thank you

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