3D pose estimate

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I am trying to develop a solution for autonomous indoor navigation. I am currently simulating it on Gazebo and using these elements:

  • hector_quadrotor for the simulation in Gazebo
  • hector_mapping for localization
  • move_base for path planning

My problem is the link between my robot model (the base_link frame) and my scanmatcher_frame, created by hector_mapping and supposed to be my odom frame. The link between the two parts should be done by the hector_pose_estimation but I am facing 2 problems:

1) Should the nav frame of pose_estimation be transformed into the scanmatcher_frame directly?

2) The height sensing of the pose_estimation doesn't provide good results, how can I use the sonar_height information instead of the altimeter?

Is there simple ekf nodes to combine 2D pose estimation with height sensing in order to return a simple 3D pose?

Thank you for your help,

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