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first flight starmac-ros-pkg and gazebo simulation

asked 2011-11-23 23:54:16 -0600

Maurizio88 gravatar image


i'm following the tutorial for the first flight using starmac-ros-pkg.

What can i do for launch the simulation and control the quadrotor from keyboard?

after that, i need also to simulate the quadrotor on Gazebo.

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4 Answers

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answered 2011-11-24 05:06:43 -0600

Rikki gravatar image

updated 2011-11-27 23:53:55 -0600

Hi Maurizio,

You need active the "soft_yoystick" in the argument of the sim.launch, so do:

roslaunch simulated_quadrotor sim.launch dummy_joystick:=false soft_joystick:=true (or change de defaults values)

CAUTION: You need the version 0.1.0 of the starmac pakage, so you don't make "$ hg update -r version-0.0.1" in the installation. After that, you'll be able see a joystick in your monitor. I hope that works!!

I think that the starmac package doesn't work directly in Gazebo. But I am not sure, sorry.

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thanks Rikki, where can i find some documentation about this package? Can you suggest me something else for moving a quadrotor on Gazebo?
Maurizio88 gravatar image Maurizio88  ( 2011-11-24 19:37:45 -0600 )edit

answered 2011-11-25 22:59:08 -0600

Rikki gravatar image


1) Look at this line:

"line 10, in <module> from PySide.QtCore import QThread ImportError: No module named PySide.QtCore process"

You need to install the Pyside packages (qtcore and gui). I think that you can find that in Synaptic searching "pyside".

2) DO: roslaunch simulated_quadrotor sim.launch dummy_joystick:=false soft_joystick:=true show_plots:=false (sorry, I forgot that)

3) And don't worry for this error: [1322215686.212243982]: XML Document "/home/mauro/ros_workspace/starmac-ros-pkg/starmac_common/starmac_tools/nodelets.xml" had no Root Element. This likely means the XML is malformed or missing.

I don't know why fail this node, however the programe run well.

4) For Gazebo you need create a URDF robot, but I don't know if you can modificate the starmac package for that, sorry.


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answered 2011-11-28 23:09:56 -0600

Maurizio88 gravatar image

thanks Rikki!! now it works, i have some incongruence with the soft joystick and the tutorial, but it works. thanks!!

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:) You're welcome and Congratulations!! I had some incongruence with the tutorial too because the tutorial presumes that you have the joystick physicaly... . Please validate the answer for close the question ;). "Hasta Luego"
Rikki gravatar image Rikki  ( 2011-11-30 22:05:42 -0600 )edit

answered 2011-11-24 20:13:22 -0600

Maurizio88 gravatar image

hey Rikki, i followed your answer, but i have same errors.


PARAMETERS * /simflyer1/control_mode_autosequence/waypoint_update_rate * /simflyer1/frames/vicon_to_imu/rotation * /simflyer1/control_mode_attitude/external_command_frame * /simflyer1/frames/vicon_to_imu/translation * /simflyer1/flyer_viz/subscriber_topic_prefix * /simflyer1/control_mode_autosequence/KP * /simflyer1/control_mode_attitude/yaw_deadband * /simflyer1/static_transforms/period * /simflyer1/control_mode_hover/external_command_frame * /simflyer1/control_mode_attitude/max_roll_cmd * /simflyer1/control_mode_autosequence/waypoint_speed * /simflyer1/frames/vicon_to_imu/parent * /simflyer1/static_transforms/flyer * /simflyer1/control_mode_hover/KP * /simflyer1/control_mode_autosequence/reached_tolerance_yaw * /simflyer1/control_mode_attitude/max_pitch_cmd * /simflyer1/control_mode_hover/KD * /simflyer1/control_mode_hover/waypoint_speed * /simflyer1/static_transforms/mode * /simflyer1/control_mode_autosequence/Ilimit * /simflyer1/control_mode_hover/Ilimit * /simflyer1/manager/num_worker_threads * /simflyer1/control_mode_attitude/control_output_rate * /simflyer1/frames/vicon_to_imu/child * /simflyer1/max_interval * /rosdistro * /simflyer1/control_mode_hover/control_output_rate * /simflyer1/control_mode_autosequence/reached_tolerance * /rosversion * /simflyer1/control_mode_attitude/max_alt_cmd * /simflyer1/control_mode_autosequence/control_output_rate * /simflyer1/control_mode_autosequence/KI * /simflyer1/standby_rosh/modes * /simflyer1/control_mode_autosequence/KD * /simflyer1/control_mode_hover/external_frame_heading * /simflyer1/frames/imu_to_openni_depth_optical/child * /simflyer1/frames/imu_to_openni_depth_optical/rotation * /simflyer1/flyer_viz/publish_freq * /simflyer1/frames/imu_to_openni_depth_optical/translation * /simflyer1/control_mode_attitude/max_yaw_rate_cmd * /simflyer1/control_mode_hover/KI * /simflyer1/control_mode_autosequence/max_alt_cmd * /simflyer1/frames/imu_to_openni_depth_optical/parent * /simflyer1/control_mode_attitude/external_frame_heading * /simflyer1/control_mode_hover/max_alt_cmd * /simflyer1/sim_adapter/model

NODES /simflyer1/ joy (starmac_gui/ manager (nodelet/nodelet) controller (nodelet/nodelet) teleop_flyer (nodelet/nodelet) control_mode_idle (nodelet/nodelet) control_mode_attitude (nodelet/nodelet) control_mode_hover (nodelet/nodelet) control_mode_autosequence (nodelet/nodelet) controller_mux (topic_tools/mux) standby_rosh (rosh/rosh) static_transforms (flyer_common/ relay_controller_mux_output (topic_tools/relay) relay_controller_status (topic_tools/relay) relay_control_mode_autosequence_info (topic_tools/relay) relay_control_mode_autosequence_autosequence_info (topic_tools/relay) relay_estimator_output (topic_tools/relay) relay_diagnostics (topic_tools/relay) runtime_monitor (runtime_monitor/monitor) rxconsole (rxtools/rxconsole) plots_controller_mux (rxtools/rxplot) plots_joy (rxtools/rxplot) plots_est (rxtools/rxplot) plots_est2 (rxtools/rxplot) sim_adapter (simulated_quadrotor/ flyer_viz (starmac_viz/ rviz (rviz/rviz)


core service [/rosout] found process[simflyer1/joy-1]: started with pid [24473] process[simflyer1/manager-2]: started with pid [24474] process[simflyer1/controller-3]: started with pid [24475] process[simflyer1/teleop_flyer-4]: started with pid [24476] process[simflyer1/control_mode_idle-5]: started with pid [24479] process[simflyer1/control_mode_attitude-6]: started with pid [24506] process[simflyer1/control_mode_hover-7]: started with pid [24519] process[simflyer1/control_mode_autosequence-8]: started with pid [24548] process[simflyer1/controller_mux-9]: started with pid [24562] process[simflyer1/standby_rosh-10]: started with pid [24588] process[simflyer1/static_transforms-11]: started with pid [24590] process[simflyer1/relay_controller_mux_output-12]: started with pid [24601] process[simflyer1/relay_controller_status-13]: started with pid [24608] process[simflyer1/relay_control_mode_autosequence_info-14]: started with pid [24624] process[simflyer1/relay_control_mode_autosequence_autosequence_info-15]: started with pid [24636] [ERROR] [1322215686.212243982]: XML Document "/home/mauro/ros_workspace/starmac-ros-pkg/starmac_common/starmac_tools/nodelets.xml" had no Root Element. This likely means the XML is malformed or missing. process[simflyer1/relay_estimator_output-16]: started with pid [24641] process[simflyer1/relay_diagnostics-17]: started with pid [24665] process[simflyer1/runtime_monitor-18]: started with pid [24674] Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/mauro/ros_workspace/starmac-ros-pkg/starmac_ground/starmac_gui/nodes/", line 10, in <module> from PySide.QtCore import QThread ImportError: No module named PySide.QtCore process[simflyer1/rxconsole-19]: started with pid [24681] process[simflyer1/plots_controller_mux-20]: started with pid [24694] process[simflyer1/plots_joy-21]: started with pid [24696] process[simflyer1/plots_est-22]: started with pid [24709] process[simflyer1/plots_est2-23]: started with pid [24721] [simflyer1/joy-1] process has died [pid 24473, exit code 1]. log files: /home/mauro/.ros/log/5757f4c4-174d-11e1-a256-0016ea548718/simflyer1-joy-1.log process[simflyer1/sim_adapter-24]: started with pid [24729] process[simflyer1/flyer_viz-25]: started with pid [24742] process[simflyer1/rviz-26]: started ... (more)

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Please, if the answers was correct validate its. :) (for help other user)
Rikki gravatar image Rikki  ( 2011-11-27 23:56:10 -0600 )edit

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