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How to calculate /tf in hector_slam?

asked 2015-01-03 10:06:33 -0500

tn0432 gravatar image

Hello, I am studying mapping with hector_slam and hector_mapping.

I run $ roslaunch hector_slam_launch tutorial.launch, and $ rosbag play Team_Hector_MappingBox_RoboCup_2011_Rescue_Arena.bag --clock

Basing on the diagram of $rqt_graph, the mapping is performed on data from laser scan with respect to /tf data. Does anyone know how to produce /tf data in this case? It looks like they only use IMU data somehow to estimate the transformation?

Thanks! I very appreciate your help.

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answered 2015-01-05 13:21:07 -0500

ajain gravatar image

Firstly, hector_slam is independent of /tf for laser (watch this video). You can simply have a laser attached to a computer and walk around to create a 2D map. I haven't used the bag file that you mentioned before, but usually the bag file should contain time stamped /tf data, or simply create a urdf.xacro config file for your system and load it using robot_state_publisher to publish transforms.

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Thank you for your response! Regarding the case of having a laser attached to a computer, I am struggling to make it work. I can receive and draw the laser data in rviz. But still cannot make a map with hector_slam. I think the problem is in defining the /tf frames. Hope you can help! Thanks

tn0432 gravatar image tn0432  ( 2015-01-06 12:38:14 -0500 )edit

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