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fixed frame for rviz doesn't change

asked 2015-11-15 17:50:56 -0500

adelleodel gravatar image

I wonder why i can't setup my own frame which i named my own frame by name "my_frame" in my


command_rate: 0.5
tracking_rate: 10
base_controller_rate: 20
joint_controller_rate: 20
default_joint_speed: 2.0
max_drive_speed: 0.5
max_rotation_speed: 0.5
base_control_side: right

use_real_robot: False

# Use these values for a typical non-holonomic robot.
scale_drive_speed: 1.0
scale_rotation_speed: 1.0
reverse_rotation: False
holonomic: False

# Use the following scale factors for the Rovio.
#scale_drive_speed: 4.0
#scale_rotation_speed: 0.4
#reverse_rotation: True
#holonomic: True

#fixed_frame: openni_depth_frame
fixed_frame: my_frame

skel_to_joint_map: {
   head: head_pan_joint,
   neck: head_tilt_joint,
   torso: torso_joint,
   left_shoulder: left_shoulder_lift_joint,
   left_elbow: left_elbow_joint,
   left_hand: left_hand_joint,
   right_shoulder: right_shoulder_joint,
   right_elbow: right_elbow_joint,
   right_hand: right_hand_joint,
   left_hip: hip_left_yaw,
   left_knee: knee_left_pitch,
   left_foot: ankle_left_roll,
   right_hip: hip_right_yaw,
   right_knee: knee_right_pitch,
   right_foot: ankle_right_roll

the ros itself has recognize "my_frame" such in this image: parameter

but when i want to called it in rviz, it won't show anything like this: rviz

how to set my fixed frame to "my_frame" then?

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1 Answer

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answered 2015-11-15 22:08:04 -0500

jeremya gravatar image

You have to use the frame_id field in the ROS message header to add to the fixed frame list. Use TF to create transformations between the frames.

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Sorry, i don't really get what u mean.. i have message named Skeleton.msg that consist

Header header
Blablabla... such in tutorial

"Use TF to create transformations between the frames." What is this mean? Do i hv to add TF in rviz?

adelleodel gravatar image adelleodel  ( 2015-11-16 17:14:48 -0500 )edit

The Header in your message above has a member that is "frame_id". It's a text field. AFAIK, this should be matched to one of the frame ids (i.e. frame_id or childframe_id) in the tf transformation. Additionally, the frame_id's in the header are the ones that are displayed in rviz.

jeremya gravatar image jeremya  ( 2015-11-18 14:31:56 -0500 )edit

You might also try finding (via "rostopic echo /topicname |grep frame") a message with the frame_id completed. You could then go to the wiki or github page for that package and look at the source for that frame name. In that way you'd have a example of how to complete the header and the frame_id.

jeremya gravatar image jeremya  ( 2015-11-18 14:33:41 -0500 )edit

When i writedown rostopic echo /topicname | grep frame the result is always

frame_locked:   False
   frame_id:   /my_frame
frame_locked:   False
   frame_id:   /my_frame
adelleodel gravatar image adelleodel  ( 2015-11-20 09:09:44 -0500 )edit

The frame_id is what should show up in rviz. I don't think you need the "/" because I'm not sure the namespace concept extends to frames.

jeremya gravatar image jeremya  ( 2015-11-30 10:49:03 -0500 )edit

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