moveit_commander current joint angle position always 0 and pose very different than rviz->scene->

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I am working with Linux Ubuntu 14, ROS Indigo, the latest moveit deb, and with both real/simlated baxter with rsdk 1.1.1.

There are two questions to my post.

  1. Whether I ran the simulation or the real robot, each time I sought to get the current joint position of the robot by calling "current" from the command line, I would get an all zero's value as can be seen in the image below. (This happened even when the arm was not in a straight position)

Simulated Robot: image description

Real Robot: image description

  1. The other thing that was confusing is that the position/orientation shown in Rviz->Scene Monitor->Links->Position was very different that the pose provided by moveitcommander, very different:

X: 0.84 vs 0.81 (3cm not too bad, but still) Y: -0.48 vs -1.01 (very different) Z: 0.231 vs 0.32 (very different)

Any ideas on this?

For issues, please run: $ env | grep ROS <...paste output here...>

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