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Error when simulating baxter in gazebo

asked 2015-11-21 20:08:12 -0500

veyorokon gravatar image

updated 2015-11-22 05:08:43 -0500

gvdhoorn gravatar image

When I launch baxter_world I get the following errors in order. I'm struggling with fixing these.

[ INFO] [1448157761.777717835]: getting bounds for joint: [right_s0]
ERROR: cannot launch node of type [baxter_sim_hardware/baxter_emulator]: can't locate node [baxter_emulator] in package [baxter_sim_hardware]

[INFO] [WallTime: 1448157762.755704] [0.000000] Controller Spawner: Waiting for service controller_manager/load_controller
Warning [] multiple inconsistent <self_collide> exists due to fixed joint reduction overwriting previous value [true] with [false].
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

[gazebo_gui-3] process has died [pid 8359, exit code 139, cmd /opt/ros/indigo/lib/gazebo_ros/gzclient __name:=gazebo_gui __log:=/home/veyorokon/.ros/log/1c64b260-90bd-11e5-b392-b8e85645ebf8/gazebo_gui-3.log].
log file: /home/veyorokon/.ros/log/1c64b260-90bd-11e5-b392-b8e85645ebf8/gazebo_gui-3*.log

[gazebo-2] process has died [pid 8353, exit code 139, cmd /opt/ros/indigo/lib/gazebo_ros/gzserver -e ode /home/veyorokon/ros/baxter_ws/src/baxter_simulator/baxter_gazebo/worlds/ __name:=gazebo __log:=/home/veyorokon/.ros/log/1c64b260-90bd-11e5-b392-b8e85645ebf8/gazebo-2.log].
log file: /home/veyorokon/.ros/log/1c64b260-90bd-11e5-b392-b8e85645ebf8/gazebo-2*.log
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Which branch of baxter_simulator and all baxter repos are you using? Make sure the are all on the same branch. The first error makes it seem like either baxter_gazebo wasn't built with catkin or the environment wasn't sourced again after the build. Have you tried a fresh build?

imcmahon gravatar image imcmahon  ( 2015-11-22 06:28:52 -0500 )edit

1 Answer

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answered 2015-11-22 06:31:56 -0500

imcmahon gravatar image

This is a tough since the error doesn't provide many details as to the actual problem. I left a comment to rule out some common errors, but I suspect your Linux graphics card is the likely culprit. Try switching to a proprietary driver using the Troubleshooting page of the Baxter wiki:

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