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Working with ROS and Robot Arms [closed]

asked 2015-04-14 11:32:46 -0500

felixwatzlawik gravatar image


I am working for my Bachelor Degree with ROS and I have to setup and implement a Robot System.

The final goal is to grab a mug while the robot is driving next to it.

Now my question is, since I am not so good with ros right now and I am at the beginning, what packages there exist to use Robot-Arms and which Robot-Arms are supported?

Is it possible to solve this Problem with ros?

It would be nice if anybody could answer me these questions :) greez

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3 Answers

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answered 2015-04-14 13:18:06 -0500

aak2166 gravatar image

There is a piece of software, MoveIt!, that is for manipulation motion planning and execution.

What are the specs of your arm? MoveIt supports 6DOF arms very well. However, for lower DOF arms one has to tweak the system a little bit, and do things like generate your own inverse kinematics solvers. There is a little bit of a learning curve.

I'm currently working on integrating a simple 2DOF arm with it, not without challenges, but once you have it setup it can be very powerful.

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@aak2166 Sir How you integrate your arm with Moveit ? is it based on Arduino ??

lagankapoor gravatar image lagankapoor  ( 2018-05-10 05:39:28 -0500 )edit

answered 2015-04-18 19:02:05 -0500

Peter Heim gravatar image

You can use the pick and place example from ROS by example 2, add a move base action server and have it do this link text

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answered 2015-04-14 13:05:52 -0500

corb gravatar image

One solution is to use the ROS package - turtlebot_arm. This uses Kinect for vision and works with the PhantomX robot arm. You can see a pick and place / block sorting demo here - ( )

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