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ROS Navigation when call rosrun that error.I'ld use chmod +x?

asked 2019-09-18 22:18:04 -0600

thitapa.sae gravatar image

updated 2019-09-19 01:50:08 -0600

gvdhoorn gravatar image

When I call rosrun in src that show this sentence below.

[rosrun] Couldn't find executable named odom_publisher.cpp below /home/helloworld/robottest/src/ros_navigate
[rosrun] Found the following, but they're either not files,
[rosrun] or not executable:
[rosrun]   /home/helloworld/robottest/src/ros_navigate/src/odom_publisher.cpp

I try to solve this problem by chomd +x follow this link link text but it show error sentence same upper sentence

And I don't understand about chomd +x that way is okay rightM What should I do? T.T

Someone help me please..Thank you so much

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1 Answer

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answered 2019-09-19 01:05:45 -0600

mgruhler gravatar image

chmod +x makes a file executable. This needs to be done for python executables and shell scripts.

What you have is a C++ program that you need to compile. This will then create an executable in the devel space that is by default executable.

if you haven't called catkin_make/catkin build in your workspace or if there have been any error messages, this is the problem that you are seeing.

Please follow this tutorial as well as this one to understand how to compile a workspace with a C++ node.

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