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What is the default behavior of the odometry display in Rviz?

asked 2011-04-15 04:20:11 -0500

raphael favier gravatar image


I am wondering what is the default behaviour I should expect from the odomety display we have in Rviz.

More precisely, I wonder if the odometry arrows should follow the twist information:

  • Should the arrow point toward where the robot is going? I mean, when the robot drives backward, should the arrows point toward its back or is it normal that they stay oriented toward its front?
  • Should the arrow's length be proportional with the instant velocities carried in the twist section of the odometry message?

Thanks in advance


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answered 2011-04-15 04:55:58 -0500

eitan gravatar image

I believe the odometry visualization in rviz simply allows for visualization of the pose contained in the the nav_msgs/Odometry message. I don't think it does anything with the geometry_msgs/Twist, though that would be a useful feature request for rviz. So, you'd expect the arrow to stay the same size and simply convey the robot's position in the odometric frame at a given point. More information on how rviz treats odometry messages can be found here:

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Thanks eitan. I did check the doc before posting my question, but the video only shows the pr2 moving forward :) indeed, having odom follow the twist info could be a nice feature.
raphael favier gravatar image raphael favier  ( 2011-04-15 05:17:34 -0500 )edit

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