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Hi all,

I try to execute a standard navigation demo on PR2 using a map already built with gmapping and amcl.

In short: if someone can point me to working launch files it would be perfect.

In details, What I do:

1) on the c1 machine of the PR2:

roslaunch pr2_fcfm nav.launch

------ nav.launch -----

  <node name="robot_state_publisher" pkg="robot_state_publisher" type="state_publisher"/> 
  <node name="map_server" pkg="map_server" type="map_server" args="$(find pr2_fcfm)/maps/lptvMapCleaned.yaml"/>
  <include file="$(find pr2_navigation_global)/amcl_node.xml" />
  <include file="$(find pr2_navigation_global)/move_base.xml" />

2) Then, on a remote machine, I launch rviz like that:

roslaunch pr2_navigation_global rviz/rviz_move_base.launch

But my problems are:

A) the floor_scan in rviz display the /base_scan_throttled topic by default and I cannot see the white dots. If I replace it by /base_scan, I then can see the white dots but it sometimes rviz sporadically display a tf error because /base_scan cannot be transformed to /map. So it does not fully work... Any idea?

B) If I set a pose estimation and then a goal in Rviz, I can see the computed displayed but the robot does not move. I tried to directly publish a move command:

rostopic pub /navigation/cmd_vel geometry_msgs/Twist ...

But the robot still does not move. And yes, the default move_base launch file seems to remap /cmd_vel to /navigation/cmd_vel

Any idea?



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