Controlling pr2 robot in ROS Hydro-Gazebo 1.9 [closed]

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Hi all,

So, I basically want to implement a path planning algorithm by simulating a scenario in "ROS-Gazebo" and I am using "ROS Hydro-Gazebo 1.9" distributions. My algorithm assumes that the robot is omni-directional i.e., it can move in both x and y coordinates, independently. As I have found out, "pr2" and "care-o-bot" are two robots that offer omni-directional motion. The only feature that I need from them is the omni-directional wheels and other features such as laser, arm, etc. are not needed. I would also need to get the odometry data.

Problem: I am not aware of any control plugin or library to control and move the "pr2" in "ROS Hydro-Gazebo 1.9". I am able to bring up the "pr2" in "Gazebo" using "roslaunch" command. But I cannot control it and move it around. To give an idea of what I want, in another case I am able to control a pioneer2dx using a differential drive controller plugin ( I wonder if such a thing exists for "pr2". If not, is there any other solutions to my problem?

I would greatly appreciate any helps towards finding a solution for my problem.



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