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rospack export problem / not working on ROS Hydro

asked 2014-02-12 08:52:34 -0600

v3n0w gravatar image

Hi Guys! I was using rospack export to get the flags and compile my package outside the rosbuild system. But now, after a long time (ROS fuerte) I'm trying to do the same thing on ROS Hydro and rospack export results in nothing. If I type: rospack export --lang=cpp --attrib=cflags PACKAGE_NAME I got nothing no matter what is the package.

For example: rospack export --lang=cpp --attrib=cflags rviz

So, anyone knows if rospack export is no longer working?

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1 Answer

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answered 2014-02-13 05:11:48 -0600

Dirk Thomas gravatar image

rospack export is working fine. E.g. you should get the necessary lflags for packages.

What exact cflags are you expecting?

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Asked: 2014-02-12 08:52:34 -0600

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