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How do you obtain covariance from manufacturer datasheet?

asked 2011-12-20 13:15:06 -0500

weiin gravatar image

I am looking through the imu driver code (microstrain_3dmgx2_imu) to understand how I can write a driver for my own IMU.

I notice the parameters for orientation/angular velocity/linear acceleration stdev were derived from the manufacturer datasheet ("The default value, derived from the manufacturer datasheet, is very conservative.")

What I would like to know is, how is this derivation done? For example, if the "Accelerometer nonlinearity" is 0.2%, and "Accelerometer bias stability" 0.010 g, how do I get the variance?

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1 Answer

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answered 2012-01-08 15:39:34 -0500

weiin gravatar image

Turns out that the "Accelerometer bias stability" is the standard deviation. So variance is just the square of it -- in this case (0.010 g)^2

note: g is the gravitational accel 9.81ms^-2

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