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How are the following gazebo parameters related!

damping [from the urdf file], effort, start_time, duration

I was worked throw the gazebo ros tutorial Apply Efforts to Joints in Simulation the example shows how to rotate a box using a joint.

I would like to get more insight of the parameters used. The object in this example does not stop rotating. I would like to generate a joint which does? Can someone help me with the following parameter and tell me how the interact.

URTF dynamics damping="0.1" ???

<joint name="link_joint" type="continuous">
  <axis xyz="0 0 1"/>
  <parent link="world"/>
  <origin rpy="0 0 0" xyz="0 0 1"/>
  <child link="link"/>
  <dynamics damping="0.1"/>

ROS Call

rosservice call gazebo/apply_joint_effort '{joint_name: link_joint, effort: 0.01, start_time: 10000000000, duration: 1000000000}'

effort: 0.01
start_time: 10000000000
duration: 1000000000

I like to generate a rotating part which stops because of a damping factor


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