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Hi everybody,

I have installed ros-electric-desktop-full on ubuntu 11.10 and kinect drivers by following this tutorial:

I had the same problem as alfredo :

so I followed so solution given by "acp" which is : "you should follow these instructions".

So i'm doing the following command :

  • roslaunch openni_launch openni.launch

  • rosrun camera_calibration --size 7x6 --square 0.108 image:=/camera/rgb/image_mono camera:=/camera/rgb

jean-DevSystem:~$rosrun camera_calibration --size 7x6 --square 0.108 image:=/camera/rgb/image_mono camera:=/camera/rgb

Waiting for service /camera/rgb/set_camera_info ...

OK init done

opengl support available

Connected to accessibility bus at: "unix:abstract=/tmp/dbus-eOzkjjbKTU,guid=12466fbc2de4356f1015c29700000010"

Registered DEC: true

But my big problem is that no window appears on the screen, so I can't neither calibrate nor commit. That's quite a problem and I have no idea how to solve this, so any help will be appreciated.



PS: sorry for my poor english

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You say you have "the same problem as Alfredo", but he had two problems: 1) his Kinect wasn't working and 2) he was getting calibration warnings. The solutions to these problems are _different_; which one do you have?

Mac gravatar image Mac  ( 2012-03-29 10:18:49 -0500 )edit