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Hello, i'm trying to install ROS _fuerte_ on my brand new ubuntu 13.10, i've been following fuerte/Installation/Ubuntu/Source guide.

In step 1.2.2, the guide says i need to execute this command:

rosinstall ~/ros "***[omit]***/cgi-bin/gen_rosinstall.py?rosdistro=fuerte&variant=desktop-full&overlay=no"

The thing is I can't, since packages.ros.org doesn't contain cgi-bin/gen_rosinstall anymore.

So i came here, found a script on github, mbeards/gen_rosinstall but i can't use it to install anything since it doesn't actually install the packages in $ROS_ROOT.

Is there a backup of packages.ros.org?

Is there any other way to install or compile from source fuerte?

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