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Dynamixel Control on Raspbian (ROS Groovy)

asked 2013-11-24 03:06:37 -0600

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Hi everybody,

I have a project on which I want to control an RX-28 Dynamixel motor with a Raspberry which has installed Raspbian with ROS groovy. The problem is that the Dynamixel packages are not yet available in the raspbian groovy repository mentioned here /repos/rospbian/debbuild/groovy. So I think it would be possible to build the packages by myself and then use them. I already downloaded the packages to my raspberry and put them in /opt/ros/groovy/share. but then when follow the dynamixel_controllers/Tutorials/ConnectingToDynamixelBus tutorial. I changed the baudrate to 57142 (which I know is correct for my motor I've checked it in windows with Roboplus). After the roslaunch I get this

File "/opt/ros/groovy/share/dynamixel_motor-master/dynamixel_controllers/nodes/", line 52, in <module> from dynamixel_driver.dynamixel_serial_proxy import SerialProxy ImportError: No module named dynamixel_driver.dynamixel_serial_proxy

I know it is maybe a stupid question but I have tried everything and I still cannot communicate with the motor.


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answered 2013-11-27 06:00:20 -0600

tfoote gravatar image

You shouldn't be manually installing things into /opt. There's a tutorial about how to setup a ROS workspace:

The port is not yet a problem you don't yet have your environment setup such that it can find all the required source files.

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