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Urdf, rviz, gazebo and headless remote

asked 2022-03-31 01:19:34 -0500

elnkl gravatar image

Hello everyone Im trying to build a robot car with ros2 foxy, using a raspberry pi 4b 4gb running Ubuntu Mate Server. (I've tried running the desktop version on the pi in the past and I've found it very laggy and slow so I thought lets go for the non gui one.) Im very new to this and I'm trying to understand the concepts but If I've understood correctly, to make the robot drive itself and use slam, first I need to define the urdf files and create a simulation environment with gazebo and rviz. Both of these programs have their gui which ofcourse I cant use from my pi so my question is: Is it possible to run gazebo and rviz2 on my local computer and have the urdf files on my raspberry pi robot? How would they communicate? From my understanding I also need the Joint state publisher dependency and robot state package. Can I run those on the rpi and use the Joint state publisher gui on my laptop? Im sorry for the multiple questions but most of the documentation I find is referring to Ros1 and I've found a lot of packages discontinued on Ros2, so it gets a bit overwhelming.

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answered 2022-03-31 05:30:38 -0500

joseecm gravatar image

If you are going to build a real robot you don't need Gazebo because it is used for simulation in a virtual environment. On the other hand it is possible to have ROS running on several machines, so you can install ROS on raspberry without GUI and have another laptop with the desktop version of ROS. See this tutorial:

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