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Overview of classes that are available in a package or nodes

asked 2011-03-24 23:33:51 -0500

whiterose gravatar image

Hi all,

We all know the following line:

ros::Nodehandle n;

what i understand is that "i am instantiating n from a class called NodeHandle that is in a package called ros"

My question is: how do i know / find the classes that are defined in a node or package, without opening every possible file that is available on the ros directory

thanks in advance.

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1 Answer

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answered 2011-03-25 05:14:06 -0500

mmwise gravatar image

Checkout the Code API documentation in the roscpp package:

Also the overview gives nice implementation examples:

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Asked: 2011-03-24 23:33:51 -0500

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