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rviz crashing on startup with nvidia drivers installed

asked 2011-03-05 18:50:57 -0500

tfoote gravatar image

updated 2011-03-05 18:53:38 -0500

I'm trying to get rviz running on my laptop. It has an Nvidia 285M graphics card and I'm running the latest nvidia_current driver from the xswat PPA (version 270.29) It has run before on this machine but recently stopped.

I get the following crash on startup:

[ INFO] [1299351402.417784177]: Loading general config from [/home/tfoote/.rviz/config]
[ INFO] [1299351402.418640732]: Loading display config from [/home/tfoote/.rviz/display_config]
The program 'rviz' received an X Window System error.
This probably reflects a bug in the program.
The error was 'BadWindow (invalid Window parameter)'.
  (Details: serial 29 error_code 3 request_code 137 minor_code 4)
  (Note to programmers: normally, X errors are reported asynchronously;
   that is, you will receive the error a while after causing it.
   To debug your program, run it with the --sync command line
   option to change this behavior. You can then get a meaningful
   backtrace from your debugger if you break on the gdk_x_error() function.)

How can I fix this?

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2 Answers

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answered 2011-03-05 18:52:40 -0500

tfoote gravatar image

The problem is that the graphics drivers are installed but the kernel module is now named "nvidia_current" instead of "nvidia" which the system was looking for.

I ran "modprobe nvidia_current" and it worked.

I added nvidia_current to the list in /etc/modules and it now is loaded on boot.

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answered 2011-03-05 21:32:45 -0500

sam gravatar image

How you find that kernel module name is wrong? I can't find it on your log information. Thanks.

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