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slam_gmapping MappingFromLoggedData out of dual 32-bit range

asked 2011-03-03 19:52:27 -0600

sam gravatar image

updated 2011-03-21 08:29:31 -0600

mmwise gravatar image

Hi, I followed the tutorial doc. When I finished make index success,and began to play it, I found a error reported. I have tried both ubuntu 32,64 bits,and it seems the same problem.

The error message is

 sam@sam-desktop:~/code/ros/slam/mapping$ rosbag play basic_localization_stage.bag 
 [ INFO] [1298639209.074814380]: Opening basic_localization_stage.bag

 Waiting 0.2 seconds after advertising topics... done.

 Hit space to toggle paused, or 's' to step.
 [FATAL] [1298639301.490772364]: Time is out of dual 32-bit      range670987.745222     
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I just tried that tutorial with Diamondback on a 64-bit system, and I couldn't replicate your error. Is there anything unusual about your system?
Brian Gerkey gravatar image Brian Gerkey  ( 2011-06-07 21:30:24 -0600 )edit
I use the normal ubuntu 10.10 with Diamondback installation. I didn't find any strange. what I use for installation instruction is "sudo apt-get install ros-diamondback-*"
sam gravatar image sam  ( 2011-06-08 02:24:34 -0600 )edit

I'm having the same issue on 64bit Ubuntu 11.10 with Fuerte. Any luck solving it?

tbernhard gravatar image tbernhard  ( 2012-06-26 09:10:32 -0600 )edit

4 Answers

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answered 2011-09-02 11:53:58 -0600

kwc gravatar image

no activity > 1 month, closing

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Why you want to close this problem? This problem haven't been solved. I'm still waiting for answer.
sam gravatar image sam  ( 2011-09-02 12:54:11 -0600 )edit
This question is 6 months old. At this point it is very unlikely to be answered. People have already attempted to reproduce your problem and can't, so it's time to let the community to focus on other questions.
kwc gravatar image kwc  ( 2011-09-02 14:32:15 -0600 )edit
So Willow Garage have someone specially focus on trying to answer all the questions?
sam gravatar image sam  ( 2011-09-02 15:32:11 -0600 )edit
from time to time, we try and go through unanswered questions to see if answers can be provided
kwc gravatar image kwc  ( 2011-09-02 16:59:39 -0600 )edit

answered 2012-03-21 08:11:01 -0600

Newbie_NXT_KINECT_ROS gravatar image

updated 2012-03-21 08:12:48 -0600

Having the same exact problem.

(Running on Ubuntu 11.10, elctric, 32 bits)

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answered 2011-04-20 09:49:06 -0600

tyleroar gravatar image

I believe this error is caused by not setting use_sim_time. I think when you are recording the data yourself you would set to false and when downloading a bag you would set to true.

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I run again and make sure I have run "rosparam set use_sim_time true", it appealed the same problem~
sam gravatar image sam  ( 2011-06-06 19:33:27 -0600 )edit

answered 2012-03-20 01:59:58 -0600

updated 2012-03-21 09:58:44 -0600

I have the same problem. I'm trying to execute the ar_pose demo from ccny_vision. I've downloaded the dataset as the tutorial explained. And I can't execute the bag file.

I'm using ros-electric in a ubuntu 11.10 Regards

[FATAL] [1332242835.685289221]: Time is out of dual 32-bit range
geus@geus-vaio:/opt/ros/external/full_organization_repositories/ccny_vision/ar_pose/demo$ rosparam set use_sim_time true
geus@geus-vaio:/opt/ros/external/full_organization_repositories/ccny_vision/ar_pose/demo$ rosbag play --clock ./usb_cam_topics_ar_single.bag 
[ INFO] [1332242859.134186718]: Opening ./usb_cam_topics_ar_single.bag
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Thank you for sharing experience,and this experience isn't the answer,so you can comment at the original post.

sam gravatar image sam  ( 2012-03-20 13:03:35 -0600 )edit

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