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rosmake of pi_tracker failed

asked 2011-02-28 16:07:22 -0600

Nutan gravatar image

updated 2011-03-01 02:39:27 -0600

kwc gravatar image

Hi, all. I am trying to get joints data from the codes of . I just have kinect but donot have the pi robot. After rosmake pi_tracker, the log shows

[ rosmake ] Packages requested are: ['pi_tracker']
[ rosmake ] Logging to directory/home/nutan/.ros/rosmake/rosmake_output-20110301-134928 [ rosmake ] Expanded args ['pi_tracker'] to: ['pi_tracker']
[ rosmake ] Checking rosdeps compliance for packages pi_tracker. This may take a few seconds. Failed to find stack for package [pi_lib] Failed to load rosdep.yaml for package [pi_lib]:Cannot locate installation of package pi_lib: [rospack] couldn't find package [pi_lib]. ROS_ROOT[/opt/ros/cturtle/ros] ROS_PACKAGE_PATH[/home/nutan/pi:/home/nutan/kinect_demos/motion_planning_common:/home/nutan/kinect_demos/geometry_experimental:/home/nutan/kinect_demos/ros-geometry:/home/nutan/kinect_demos/mit-ros-pkg-experimental:/home/nutan/kinect_demos/mit-ros-pkg:/home/nutan/kinect_demos/point_cloud_perception:/home/nutan/kinect_demos/perception_pcl:/home/nutan/kinect_demos/perception_pcl_addons:/home/nutan/kinect_demos/trunk_cturtle:/home/nutan/kinect_demos/ros_experimental:/home/nutan/kinect_demos/ni:/opt/ros/cturtle/stacks] [ rosmake ] rosdep check passed all system dependencies in packages
[rosmake-0] Starting >>> pi_tracker [ make ]
[rosmake-1] Starting >>> roslang [ make ]
[ rosmake ] All 22 lines {------------------------------------------------------------------------------- mkdir -p bin cd build && cmake -Wdev -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=rospack find rosbuild/rostoolchain.cmake .. [rosbuild] Building package pi_tracker Failed to invoke /opt/ros/cturtle/ros/bin/rospack deps-manifests pi_tracker [rospack] couldn't find dependency [pi_lib] of [pi_tracker] [rospack] missing dependency [rosmake-1] Finished <<< roslang ROS_NOBUILD in package roslang No Makefile in package roslang

CMake Error at /opt/ros/cturtle/ros/core/rosbuild/public.cmake:113 (message):

Failed to invoke rospack to get compile flags for package 'pi_tracker'.
Look above for errors from rospack itself.  Aborting.  Please fix the
broken dependency!

Call Stack (most recent call first): /opt/ros/cturtle/ros/core/rosbuild/public.cmake:178 (rosbuild_invoke_rospack) CMakeLists.txt:12 (rosbuild_init)

-- Configuring incomplete, errors occurred! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------} [ rosmake ] Output from build of package pi_tracker written to: [ rosmake ] /home/nutan/.ros/rosmake/rosmake_output-20110301-134928/pi_tracker/build_output.log [rosmake-0] Finished <<< pi_tracker [FAIL] [ 0.22 seconds ]
[rosmake-2] Starting >>> roslib [ make ]
[rosmake-2] Finished <<< roslib ROS_NOBUILD in package roslib
[rosmake-3] Starting >>> xmlrpcpp [ make ]
[rosmake-3] Finished <<< xmlrpcpp ROS_NOBUILD in package xmlrpcpp
[ rosmake ] Halting due to failure in package pi_tracker. [ rosmake ] Waiting for other threads to complete. [ rosmake ] Results:
[ rosmake ] Built 6 packages with 1 failures.
[ rosmake ] Summary output to directory
[ rosmake ] /home/nutan/.ros/rosmake/rosmake_output-20110301-134928

=========================================================== Also, i type in roslaunch pi_tracker skeleton.launch, it appears

... logging to /home/nutan/.ros/log/a41a5ae0-43c7-11e0-ae7f-00e081b5d370/roslaunch-nutan-desktop-10909.log Checking log directory for disk usage. This may take awhile. Press Ctrl-C to interrupt Done checking log file disk usage. Usage is <1GB.

started roslaunch server http://nutan-desktop:49833/


PARAMETERS * /use_sim_time * /skeleton_tracker/fixed_frame * /skeleton_tracker/holonomic * /skeleton_tracker/skel_to_joint_map/right_shoulder * /skeleton_tracker/tracking_rate * /skeleton_tracker/skel_to_joint_map/right_hip * /skeleton_tracker/command_rate * /skeleton_tracker/skel_to_joint_map/left_foot * /skeleton_tracker/skel_to_joint_map/left_elbow * /skeleton_tracker/skel_to_joint_map/right_foot * /skeleton_tracker/use_real_robot * /skeleton_tracker/skel_to_joint_map/right_knee * /skeleton_tracker/skel_to_joint_map/left_shoulder * /skeleton_tracker/scale_drive_speed * /skeleton_tracker/base_controller_rate * /skeleton_tracker/skel_to_joint_map/left_knee * /skeleton_tracker/base_control_side * /robot_description * /skeleton_tracker/skel_to_joint_map/head * /skeleton_tracker/max_rotation_speed * /skeleton_tracker/skel_to_joint_map/torso * /skeleton_tracker/skel_to_joint_map/right_hand * /skeleton_tracker/skel_to_joint_map/right_elbow * /skeleton_tracker/default_joint_speed * /skeleton_tracker/max_drive_speed * /skeleton_tracker/scale_rotation_speed * /robot_state_publisher/publish_frequency * /skeleton_tracker/reverse_rotation * /skeleton_tracker/skel_to_joint_map/neck * /skeleton_tracker/skel_to_joint_map/left_hand * /skeleton_tracker/joint_controller_rate * /skeleton_tracker/skel_to_joint_map/left_hip

NODES / robot_state_publisher (robot_state_publisher/state_publisher) kinect_base_link ... (more)

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1 Answer

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answered 2011-03-01 02:21:49 -0600

Pi Robot gravatar image

Sorry about that. I failed to include the dependency on the pi_lib package on the Contest wiki page. (I have since corrected that.) So please get the pi_lib package using:

svn checkout

then try rosmake on pi_tracker again.


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Thank you very much. Rosmake is successful now. But roslaunch pi_tracker skeleton.launch is still failed.Is it because that I do not have robot? process[robot_state_publisher-2]: started with pid [13510] process[kinect_base_link-3]: started with pid [13511] process[kinect_base_link1-4]: started with pid [13512] process[kinect_base_link2-5]: started with pid [13532] process[kinect_base_link3-6]: started with pid [13544] process[skeleton_tracker-7]: started with pid [13557] process[base_world_broadcaster-8]: started with pid [13573] [skeleton_tracker-7] process has died [pid 13557, exit code -11]. log files: /home/nutan/.ros/log/09472306-4474-11e0-b8f6-00e081b5d370/skeleton_tracker-7*.log
Nutan gravatar image Nutan  ( 2011-03-01 12:17:09 -0600 )edit
The only way I can get that error is if I don't have the Kinect hooked up (power and USB) when I run 'roslaunch pi_tracker skeleton.launch'. So a good test of your Kinect (if you haven't already done it) is to try 'roslaunch openni_camera openni_kinect.launch' and then, assuming no errors, in a separate terminal run something like 'rosrun nite Sample-PointViewer'.
Pi Robot gravatar image Pi Robot  ( 2011-03-02 00:48:18 -0600 )edit
Thank you very much. Kinect is no problem. The reason is SAMPLE_XML_PATH "/home/patrick/ni/ni/openni/lib/SamplesConfig.xml" in KinectController.cpp. It works after changing the path as my computer.
Nutan gravatar image Nutan  ( 2011-03-02 12:12:16 -0600 )edit
Ah yes! Good catch. That source file is from Taylor Veltrop's original skeleton tracker package and even though I believe he fixed the hard coded path in his package, I forgot to do the same. So I'll get to it now. Thanks for the reminder and sorry it tripped you up.
Pi Robot gravatar image Pi Robot  ( 2011-03-02 12:41:02 -0600 )edit
OK, I have fixed the hard coded path. It is now defined in the skeleton.launch file and the default should work without modification.
Pi Robot gravatar image Pi Robot  ( 2011-03-02 13:56:24 -0600 )edit

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