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roscpp - Convert uint8[] into a known struct

asked 2013-08-12 11:38:56 -0500

Hendrik Wiese gravatar image

Hi folks,

I've got a universal message type for all kinds of data that comes in through a UDP socket. This message just contains a fixed size array of uint8[16].

What I would like to do is to convert the uint8 array into a pre-defined struct. I know what the struct has to look like so if I just had a usual C array of chars I'd just do a cast. But IIRC that doesn't work with a uint8[] since it is a more complex type of array.

So how do I do that? How do I kind of unmarshall that uint8 array into a struct?

Thanks a lot!

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answered 2013-08-12 12:02:52 -0500

Hendrik Wiese gravatar image

Got it working. It's really just as simple as

typedef struct {
  char a;
  float b;
  char c;
} stc;

And later...

stc* d = (stc*)&;

Since the other side of the line does packing and converting endianness I had to take care of having all the uint8 in the right place before doing this.

It's working. Thanks anyway!

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