LiDAR - IMU data synchronizarion [closed]

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We have a Velodyne HDL-64E S2.1 LiDAR which sends its data with GPS time stamps. We have to transform this LiDAR data according to the data we get from an IMU.

In the Velodyne driver there is a transformation node that uses a published tf data to perform this transformation. My question is how can you synchronize this two data stream? We would like to process it offline, after the recording. We cannot start the two node exactly in the same time and even than the recorded/logged data may started in slightly different time.

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We had a discussion with Jack O'Quin about this on his velodyne_driver's issue page. We continued it on the ROS drivers SIG mailing list. If you know something about time synchronization or if you have experience in Phase-locked loop implementation ,please join us.

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